Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Power mums

Well on this journey I have met my fair share of them! Mums that rock and make a huge difference not only in their own children's lives, but in the lives of many, many others lives.

Val has always been a power mum but she has just had a book released that she co-wrote with a speech therapist that worked with her children in their infancy.

Their book is called "I am all ears" - check out her blog "Cochlear Kids" to read all about it! Congratulations Val!!!
My mum has often said to me I should write a book about all this stuff and the stories that have come from our crazy life. I must confess it has been kicking about in my head for many years now but I haven't really, seriously put some time into actually doing anything about it....hmmm maybe Val has inspired me! Kath has been on my case for as long as we have known each other to get off my butt and write something...hmmmm.....


Val said...

Look at it like this, you have the wisdom that WE could really benefit's just not right to NOT share!!
And "A" has such a brilliant mind and he's funny, so I totally think you should do it!!!

Val said...

oh, and thanks for all the kind words, I'm in tears, really!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Don't know what you are waiting forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *smile*

Naomi said...

so easily said by the already published authors amongst us : - )

I am still throwing around content and direction at the moment, bit hard to start the writing til I know where I am trying to head lol