Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The aligning of the signs.....

Well all these published writer friends of mine have been recently encouraging me to pull my finger out and stop talking about writing this book and just start doing it!!

It isn't that I don't want to, I'm still kind of getting my head around exactly what I want to write, areas I want to focus on, stories to share - you know, you get the picture right? Had some great input on that front from Val - thanks girl!

I attended a brilliant seminar in September from a person who is a trained teacher of the deaf and now a university researcher in resilience in deaf/hearing impaired kids, the involvement of kids in policy making and that kind of thing. It was a really good seminar. So much so I emailed her to ask her if I could do a summary for our parent newsletter for our state parent organisation, with her having final proof of it of course. She has very generously agreed which is great because there was so much good stuff in her seminar that will be just fantastic for parents to have access to. At her seminar she was very interested in hearing about shared experiences, everyone there apart from me was a teacher of the deaf, I was the sole parent in the room - go figure of course I would be : - ) In my email requesting permission to write the newsletter article I put some of mine/A's experiences into the email and mentioned the fact that I have this book running about in my head, that has been there for a few years and that seems to be coming to the fore in recent times. So get this, back comes an email "ABSOLUTELY encouraging" me to write the book and the benefit that is to be gained from the "lived experiences of others". And THEN asks me to let her know if I think she can help me in any way!!!!

OK so now I'm thinking "hmmm maybe the time is right to get serious about this now, maybe the stars are lining up and now is the time"....

So you can only imagine my reaction today after something that happened. It is school holidays, time to get the big bin delivered and purge the house, shed, wardrobes of useless stuff that we have accumulated since the last purge! Hubby is cleaning out the basement/study where there is heaps of stuff stored including books & things of sentimental value from when the kids were younger. He walks back up into the house and hands me this little notebook that says on the front "Communication Book". When A was in primary school I had a communication book with his teachers to put issues/problems in, any new vocab I might need to teach him etc. And then out of the blue hubby finds the one that he had in year 3 at school (I already had the one from his first year of school in my study).

Coincidence?Or am I just so bad at seeing the signs that the next thing that happens is a dirty great volume of work, will fall from a shelf and smack me fair in the head????

Hmmm perhaps the signs are indeed aligning....and that is a scary thought, because then Iwill actually have to do this thing!


Val said...

oh, and we'll be mad if you don't. think of how many kids/parents you WON'T be helping if you Don't do it! clear? lol

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Naomi...just to add to the signs, why don't you go back through the ten years of cicircle advice you've been giving and print a collection of your posts that have helped my life tremendously. You will find that you have already written your book, you just need to edit it, focus it and go...girl. *smile* Love, Jodi
One of your disciples lol

Val said...

combined w/your blog posts!

Naomi said...

oh you make it all sound sooo easy lol

wellll I actually kind of started yesterday in finding stuff - I was looking for a letter sent to me by one of the special ed teachers when A was in year 5 that I want to use and I found that. Also have a rough idea of where my folder of printed emails are from right before we started the group and before it was a yahoo group, it started with like about 8 members.


Val said...

Naomi, perrrrfeeectt>
people would love to know how it all started, see, I wanta buy already
YOU KNOW, I had to really take a break from EVERYTHING while I wrote. I needed to get away from my online stuff so I'm just now catching up, even though the book was written months ago.

Naomi said...

yep val that is the scary part, I have my fingers in so many pies at the moment and I'm not sure that I can take them out of that many of those pies at the moment, so the book might be a bit of a slow work in progress - then again, end of the year is summer break here and I have about 6 weeks off - could invest some serious time writing in that break...hmmmm : - )

Kath Lockett said...


You do yours, and I'll do mine. The book I *really* want to write I mean, as opposed to the sensible one I've already done. We'll never know if we don't give it a red hot go.

I'll read yours if you read mine...?