Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to my "baby"

Exciting week, my youngest baby, turned 15 this weekend - where the heck have all those years gone eh??? And how can I possibly be mature and responsible and old enough to be the parent of a baby who is now 15???? What is with that???

My two darlings are like chalk and cheese in so many ways. Yet in ways that complement each other and ways that bring them really close together in these teen years, hanging with each other and really enjoying each others company.

I guess like most parents dealing with the disability card in the pack, there is a lot of guilt in there for the "child without the disability". All that time consumed in appointments, AVT etc - sure it was no picnic for A but his younger brother didn't really get that, just got the fact that he got to get time out of school and with mum while his younger brother did not! I'm not sure that ever goes away, that feeling of guilt, even though the rational brain tells you that you made special times for him and that he really didn't miss out - the thought that he might have still lingers.

So double whammy on the spoiling front really??? Baby of the family and mum's guilt trip win-win for him really.

He is the musician of our family, been playing guitar for 4 years now and so wanted a new guitar for his birthday. Since he is so passionate about it, we were very happy to buy him one - damn the kid has taste, check out this little beauty!!!

He has been playing it every day since, it has a great sound, even when he cranks up the distortion on the amp to hit me with Metallica, Black Sabbath or other such ilk!!! Still at least I know where he is and what he is doing, puts me way in front of some other poor mothers.

So of course was the shopping for the birthday card, funny and crude (yep sadly often mum's usual fare!!) or soppy and sentimental for my benefit, "Oh god you are so embarassing" for him.

Then I happened on a really beautiful card, thanks Hallmark! The words were just so right for where he is right now, so caught in the teen angst of fitting in and having no idea what he wants to do with the rest of his life - hello he is only 15 after all.

I so loved the words, I thought I would share them here...

Someday, Son,

you will become a "sir" -

the world will expect you

to wear ties and pay taxes

and take care of your lawn.

People will try to sell you insurance

and major appliances.

You may feel the urge

to carry an umbrella "just in case"

and go to bed early on Saturdays.

You'll hear your favourite songs

in a lift.

So take it from someone who knows,

someone who loves you-

there'll never be another time

in your life like this.

Be happy.

Laugh until it hurts.



Do good stuff.

Ask questions.

Stop for pizza.

Order extra-large.....

Hang out with friends.

Find something that matters

and be a part of it.

The world is full of "sirs"

But there is only one you

only one now.



Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

*sniff* Beautiful post from a sentimental r such a coooooooooool Mom, LOOK AT THAT ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! LOOK OUT LADIES!

Naomi said...

thanks - yeah the guitar playing certainly adds to the babe magnet interest that is for sure! Judging by time spent on msn with people from school of the opposite gender - it could be interesting times ahead. Oh add to that the fact that his hair is quite long and quite blonde these days - well - I'll be beating them off with a stick : - )

Kath Lockett said...

You ROCK as a mum!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your son!