Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cruising on down memory lane!

Oh girls, you book pushers you - you know who you all are!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I am in my study surrounded by sh*t everywhere and it is all your fault. I started looking to see what bits and pieces I have that I can lay my hand on.

I just found the very original post when Pam Talbot started AV Circle which was our group to swap therapy ideas for just those parents who were using AV therapy with their kiddos - that was in April 1997!!! Then of course I have to read a whole heap of the emails I printed from back then - printed with the perforated edges mind you, you know where the paper moves through those little feeder things and comes off in one long sheet and you tear along the individual page break perforations! Some of those people there I still have contact with today - now that is just too awesome.

From there to another folder called Adam's stuff - in there - a veritable goldmine. I found journals that he and I did together when he was 5 and we journalled each day together and put stuck in pictures from the day or if we were really scraping the bottom of the barrel he got one of my lame drawings in there. I found pages with feathers stuck in there, tram tickets, all kinds of stuff - very, very cool.

And there was a newspaper clipping of A with another boy when the government was going to cut back on the preschool program he was in the headline screams

"Angry parents blast decision"

and then goes on to quote the president of the management of the preschool committee - ah yep that'd be me - somethings never change : - )

I even found a document from our gorgeously, wonderful, amazing CI surgeon which has information about the implant and then on the back the list of possible risk and the occurrence of each risk in 200 operations already performed - and that would have been handed to me back in December 2004 - this surgeon was sooo before his time in empowering and informing parents.

Hey never mind the book right now I gotta go, more mining of the goldfields to do......


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

I'm definitely enjoying Naomi's adventures in book-writing...rock on,dig,girl, dig.

Val said...

We just want to see elbows and a**holes, keep diggin!
haha, I love it

Naomi said...

too funny - I found some awesome stuff yesterday! One of the very early people I supported whose child had meningitis like mine and lost her hearing, was one of the original 8 founding members of CI Circle. Her daughter was "poster child" for the hospital because she was just gorgeous - and I found the brochure yesterday that her mum sent me and some other photos of her too - very sweet!!