Thursday, November 6, 2008

A crazy life

Oh boy life sure is crazy sometimes isn't it?

All those plans and preconceived ideas on how things are going to be? Huh or so ya thought!

When A lost his hearing and life went topsy turvy for awhile, his younger brother was a godsend. He was my very own little language model and of course if I needed to infuse some extra effort, I will admit to playing on the sibling rivalry every now and then to up the ante. That and M & Ms anyways.

Those early years B was the easy one, A was the one that had additional needs, school requirements, AVT, audiology appointments.

Soooo fast forward now to A being 16 and B being 15 - and well lets just say it is not my deaf child that is going to give me grey hairs!!!

A is on his way, confident, determined, organised, putting all his efforts into ensuring his academic success - with the social life mixed in there of course - I need a pre-recorded message "get of msn chat, you have been on long enough!". That said tonight he tells he has some Italian to practice, a group role play they have to do and starts talking Italian at me. Then he goes on to say they think they will play it like they are in a cafe and slouch in their chairs and perhaps do it "Fonzie style" as in Fonzie from Happy Days! They plan to undo a top button, turn up the collars and put lots of thumbs up signs and eehhhhhsss in between their Italian lines - what a crack up! You can just see it now, a bunch of Aussie kids, one fair haired to boot, talking it up in Italian whilst acting so cool like The Fonz - trying not to laugh so hard I can type here. Watch out Italia when these guys go on exchange next year!

And my dearest, sweetest little angel B - well he is the one that keeps me up at night with mummy worry and the real risk of grey hair. He is the exact opposite, trying to find his place in the world, loving the social aspects of school but not much else "school is gay, teachers are gay, what a total waste of my time the last 10 years have been, I could have so much better used my time" UGH!!! How do you get through that testerone infused aura to try to instill the big picture??? If you know, message me now!!! He reminds me a lot of my brother who has gone to be very successful and lead a very happy and fulfilling life. So I don't worry that B will get there, I just worry about these in between years.

Organisation - are you freakin kidding me? Yesterday we were trying to journal what we did 10 weeks ago because we haven't done it in real time. Had no homework for so many nights, then surprise surprise "oh mum I hate school I have like 8 assignments to do this week" Further examination reveals some of them he has for several weeks but has just chosen not to do them "because they were not due then" At which point I look to the nearest wall on which to bash my head because frustration overwhelms me. Do I ignore him say hard luck kid you are on your own?? Of course I don't he is my angel, I am his mum, that is what we do! BUT he hasn't escaped the lecture about getting organised and not giving his mother grey hair before her time!!!

Next week he is off on school camp for 2 weeks. A did it last year, it is 2 weeks to look at self sufficiency, self reliance and lots of mountain bike riding, rock climbing and abseiling. Here's hoping 2 weeks away brings a new perspective, a better sense of self and a much more confident little guy that doesn't have to try so hard to fit in. A guy that is starting to find his own place in the world and be proud of his place in it. Fingers crossed anyways!

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