Friday, August 15, 2008

And so it continues

OK so I got a bit slack - but back to finish this time - I hope!

After the very successful first day it was time for day 2. I told A he didn't need to sms me that he had arrived safely, I would assume he had unless he contacted me to tell me something different. We had also arranged that I would collect him from the train station at a certain time, unless he messaged me to say he was on the later train. It was a tight time line from finishing at the Uni to getting on the train to come home on the earlier train.

So I waited for him to arrive at the train station. It was kind of sweet, when I saw the train approaching, I left the car to stand near the platform, so he could see me and follow me to our car. I watched him alight from the train looking the confident, independent teen, well except for that quick scan to see if he could see me. When his eyes found me, I saw that slightest little look of relief sweep across his face before he resumed his, "I'm a cool teen" look. It kind of reminded me how much of a journey he was having on this week and how proud I was of him for doing it all, but how my just being there within view, reassured him that everything was on track.

As he jumped in the car, he told me that he had no problem getting to the train because they had finished early that day. Welll then the rest of the story came out. Their supervisor had some errands she needed to run during lunch that day so both the work experience students were afforded a 90 minute lunch break. They decided to walk up into the shopping precinct together and then A went his way to Gamesworkshop and EB Games, and she to look at clothes!

After awhile A headed back to the Uni tea room and was working on finishing up recording in his work experience journal, when his female co-work experience student came in looking crest fallen. It seemed that this young miss had found a gorgeous jumper on sale that she wanted to buy, but the sale price was $30 and she only had $26 on her. She asked the store to hold it for her as it was the only one in that colour, in that size with the promise of her return to purchase it the next day but the store refused.

Well of course this gorgeous young man, that has turned out to be so amazing, not entirely sure how that has come to be given his parenting from yours truly, but there you go! He being the chivalrous gentleman that he is, offered to give her the $4 difference so that she could get her jumper. Then together they negotiated with their supervisor to let them finish a little earlier on that day, and have a shorter lunch the next, so they had time to go back into the shopping precinct at the end of the day, to get her jumper and still make their respective public transport journeys back home! The supervisor agreed and so off they went to get the jumper. Coincidentally A also came home with her phone number too! Although I don't think the he has contacted her since though.

Day 2 was also another day of interesting work and write ups and he and his co-work experience partner seemed to be getting on well together and working well as a team.