Friday, April 24, 2009

Tagged not once but twice

Ok so I have been Mummy Meme tagged twice now so I guess I had better get my act together and do it - I should be preparing my presentation for a conference but well here goes....

Sooo 5 things I love about being a mummy......

1. I loved being pregnant - yeah I know Kath and a few others are now shouting "b***h" at their computer screens. I was one of the lucky ones, a couple of weeks of nausea, no vomiting or any of that stuff...and that was pregnancy was a real joy for me, I loved feeling my babies moving around and growing inside of me and both of my boys had hiccups in utero that would cause to pause momentarily feeling like I had accidentally sat on a washing machine at full spin and not noticed, only to release the vibrations were coming from the inside!!

2. Of course it wasn't part of the plan that I would have 2 babies with only 15 months separating them!! However it was perfect - sure it was tough early on but then they were old enough to be instant buddies and into the same thing. I got to be the mum on the sideline when both the boys were playing on the same soccer team and yes you would be shocked to know - I am a noisy soccer mum!! I can't help it, I get so excited, that I can't help but cheer. Being a mum, I love that I get to watch my boys become part of a team, learn new skills and see that look of pride when they master a new skill or kick that most unlikely goal.

3. Unlike some I was fortunate to be in the position where I didn't work much when my babies were young. I was lucky enough to pick up about 15 hours a week in which time hubby was home with the boys. It was sanity escape time and time spent with adults - woohoo; and great bonding time for Dad and his boys. So since I wasn't working I got to do all those mummy things like walking to the playground and just letting them play, kindergym, playgroup, play dates at the houses of the mum's I met in those pre-birth classes. I had so much time with them to just "be", to see them and watch them grow and develop and those memories will truly last a life time.

4. One of my most favourite parts of being a mum is never having to grow up! As I tell the boys, I might have to grow old but I don't have to grow up! I often get told by sons that "you know you are sooo immature". Granted I often earn that title by throwing cold water over the top of the shower at them, or lobbing a soft toy on to their beds while they are in it and then bolting down stairs again before they can get me back!! I love that playing pranks on them and getting pranked by them keeps such a sense of fun and laughter in my life.

5.The love the priviledge of spending time with these gorgeous young men that are now on the verge of adulthood! I so enjoy who they are becoming and look on a little in sheer wonder at the fact that I gave birth to two guys who are so amazing and that they turned out the way they did inspite of my parenting. I love the lessons they have taught me. I love that through them I recognise that different people have different talents and success for each person is different. I love that they have taught me not to compare, not to lament what is not or what might be, but to live for now and love for now, and make sure you tell each other you love each other, every day!!!


Kath Lockett said...

That's a wonderful way to write about it, Naomi. I hope you show this to your boys to read.

Jack said...

Thats really great to read this one..mind blowing..hope u enjoyed a lot..
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