Thursday, March 5, 2009

The sublime moments

Just a quick note of one of those sublime moments that caught me today.

A was complaining of a sore back so I made him an appointment with the physiotherapist. It is one of those clinics that unless you have ongoing care issues, or a burning desire to see the same person every time, you can just get an appointment with whoever. Since A wanted an appointment today we took the latter option.

So there he is, all 6'4" of him stretched out on the bed, with his face shoved down inside one of those donut type pillows they use. The physiotherapist was a lovely young Indian girl who still had an accent in her speech. She started asking A questions about where it hurt and what it felt like when she did this or that. I sat there having a moment to really ponder just how far we have come. There is A face down, answering all these questions, with her accented speech. No other cues for him but auditory listening to her speaking. What a wonderful gift the cochlear implant has been for him, and how different might his life been if this technology was not available to him?


Val said...

wow, those accents can be tricky. Both of my kids have mastered the Aussie one which is far from our thick southern accents.

Kath Lockett said...

That really is amazing because it can be hard for anyone to hear when they're face down on a massage table - let alone being distracted by how good a massage feels!

Jack said...

WOW!! That really is amazing because it can be hard for anyone
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