Friday, February 27, 2009

Check out these masterpieces

Yeah ok I know the blog title is lessons learned from A - but well sometimes it gets a bit too much about A, case in point, my previous post!!

So today's post is all about the gorgeous Master B. I have mentioned before he is at that age where he really has no clue as to what he wants to do in terms of future study or career options. So he has tried to choose as many different elective subjects this year to expose him to different options.

One subject this semester is Food Studies - well I have come to love Fridays because that is when the food comes home.

Week 1 we are greeted with still warm date scones, fresh from the oven.
Week 2 they made the pastry early in the week and froze it, and come Friday hey presto 4 yummy pasties with the best pastry on them.
Week 3 more pastry early in the week, then a beautiful apple and cinnamon pie with puff pastry actually made by hand, not out of the packet in the freezer.

But this week, week 4 - the little beauties in the photo - cream puffs. B and his class mates made their puffs early in the week and froze them and then today he filled them slices of strawberry and fresh whipped cream and then finished them off by drizzling melted chocolate all over them.

The cream puffs were magnificent, they were dessert tonight! He was so proud of them, as he should be, he did an outstanding job. In fact all of the things he has brought home and have all been great quality, and he seems to be enjoying this subject too - who knows perhaps a career in hospitality beckons???? Either way, it won't go to waste, great way to impress the girls by whipping them up a few divine cream puffs : - )

Well done, mate - you are a legend and your cream puffs are simply masterpieces!!!


Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

You should have put a warning on this post- DO NOT READ WHEN STARVING!!! *SMILE* GUITAR AND CHEF- EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM!!!!

Kath Lockett said...

They look absolutely divine! This kind of activity should most definitely be encouraged!!

Naomi said...

They were devine - this afternoon we were treated to warm apple and cinnamon tea cake - I could sooo get used to this!!!

Val said...

Oh yum!

Jack said...

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