Friday, May 30, 2008

Truly blessed

Well this week has had its share of stresses, most of them generated by work...

However this week we picked up boy wonder from school on his return from a 4 day camp in the north of the state...he had a ball and came home with many stories to share.

Of course the funniest of those I shared with people that know the both of us and equally know his crazy sense of humour.

Quite a few times in recent months when I have shared a funny story or comment that A has told me, I have had similar responses from those around me.

Most of these responses revolve around the fact that I am a lucky mum that my almost 16 year old still shares this stuff with me....kind of got me thinking about that.

That and a recent post on a discussion forum I am on, in which another mother referred to her son and his character traits and how he had turned out a better person than she ever hoped to parent.

This is very much the case with A. He is most assuredly a better person than I had ever hoped to parent. He is sensitive and caring with empathy for others. He is a hard worker and applies himself with such determination to his studies. Yet despite being a hard worker he has a wicked and goofy sense of humour, and most of all the sunniest disposition, the real glass half full kind of perspective on life. There is not much that ruffles his feathers.

Whilst parenting has its share of challenges and parenting a child with a disability a few more, this blog's name comes from my life's experience raising A. I have learned far more from him than he has learned from me on this journey.

From A
I have learned what it is to be resilient.
I have learned what it is to believe in yourself.
I have learned that even in the toughest times, it is good to be able to laugh at yourself.
I have learned the true meaning of social justice.
I have learned trust, love and the power of maternal instinct.
I have learned that no matter what it is still possible to look at the glass half full and how much better that makes the situation and your life in general.

Many parents lament the difficulties parenting their child, or the things that don't turn out quite right in life.

For me, I am so truly blessed to have the privilege of having this young man in my life and to have the honour of raising him. He is truly a shining of light of just what is possible and a testament to the description I save for the very special people in life "one of the angel's that walk amongst us".

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